The New Gold Standard 2 – Now Available

FKX028_TNGS2_600_220The New Gold Standard 2 is the sequel to Fort Knox Recordings’ 2006 hit compilation, The New cialis uk next day Gold Standard. Selected and compiled by the Fort Knox Five, this new release features cialis professional wikipedia 15 freshly-minted sounds from the Fort Knox Five, International Velvet,Speedy Consuela, Liftoff, See-I, Empresarios,

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and Nappy Riddem. FKX028_TNGS2_170 On this new release, the Fort Knox crew present the modern global sounds of their hometown, Washington, DC. With a dynamic soundscape ranging from rock to reggae, hip-hop to bhangra, and some serious funk & soul thrown in, The New Gold Standard 2 raises the bar once again, showcasing all the talented artists on DC’s premier funk and breaks label.         Tracklisting: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”01. Fort Knox Five – What Make Ya Dance” dl=”0″] [wpaudio url=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/02%20Rastar.mp3″ text=”02. Nappy Riddem – Rastar”

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dl=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/02%20Rastar.mp3″] [wpaudio url=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/03%20Shift.mp3″ text=”03. Fort Knox Five – Shift” dl=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/03%20Shift.mp3″] falic sildenafil 50mg [wpaudio url=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/04%20The%20Sax%20Pusher.mp3″ text=”04. Fort Knox Five – The Sax Pusher” dl=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/04%20The%20Sax%20Pusher.mp3″] [wpaudio url=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/05%20Sabor%20Tropical.mp3″ text=”05. Empresarios – Sabor Tropical” dl=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/05%20Sabor%20Tropical.mp3″] mexican pharmacy [wpaudio url=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/06%20Bhangra%20Panch.mp3″ text=”06. Fort Knox Five – Bhangra Paanch” dl=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/06%20Bhangra%20Panch.mp3″] [wpaudio url=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/07%20How%20Could%20You%20(Rodney%20Hunter%20Remix).mp3″ text=”07. See-I – How Could You (Rodney Hunter Remix)” dl=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/07%20How%20Could%20You%20(Rodney%20Hunter%20Remix).mp3″] [wpaudio url=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/08%20Sitargazer.mp3″ text=”08. International Velvet – Sitargazer” dl=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/08%20Sitargazer.mp3″] [wpaudio url=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/09%20Homegrown.mp3″ text=”09. See-I – Homegrown” dl=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/09%20Homegrown.mp3″] [wpaudio url=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/10%20Sundown.mp3″ text=”10. International Velvet – Sundown” dl=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/10%20Sundown.mp3″] [wpaudio url=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/11%20On%20Our%20Way.mp3″ text=”11. Speedy is viagra covered on medicare Consuela – On Our Way” dl=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/11%20On%20Our%20Way.mp3″] [wpaudio url=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/12%20Cumbia.mp3″ text=”12. Empresarios – Cumbia” dl=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/12%20Cumbia.mp3″] [wpaudio url=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/13%20Number%20One%20Fan.mp3″ text=”13. Speedy Consuela – Number One Fan” dl=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/13%20Number%20One%20Fan.mp3″] [wpaudio url=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/14%20Marshmeadows.mp3″ text=”14. Liftoff – Marshmeadows” dl=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/14%20Marshmeadows.mp3″] [wpaudio url=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/15%20One%20World%20Sovereignty.mp3″ text=”15. Nappy Riddem – One World Sovereignty” dl=”/wp-content/media/fkx028_128/15%20One%20World%20Sovereignty.mp3″]   viagra no prescription      

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