Whatcha Gonna Do ft. Mustafa Akbar (Busta ReHype) – Free Download

“Whatcha Gonna Do ft. Mustafa Akbar (Busta Remix)” by Fort Knox Five

Free Download: http://theartistunion.com/tracks/15c1f7

World premiere by Life Support Machine: http://www.lifesupportmachine.co.uk/whatcha-gonna-do-feat-mustafa-akbar-busta-rehype/

We are happy to announce that the 100th Release on Fort Knox Recordings is coming soon!! The Pressurize The Cabin Remixed LP will drop in October, until then enjoy this exclusive free download of Busta’s glitchy, uptempo banger remix of FK5’s big tune “Whatcha Gonna Do.”

Coming Soon: FKX098 – Pressurize The

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Cabin Remixed Exclusives #1 – Sept 23, 2016 FKX099 – Pressurize The Cabin Remixed Exclusives #2 – Sept 30, 2016 FKX100 -Pressurize The Cabin Remixed LP

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– Oct 14, 2016

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