Speedy Consuela

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Steve and Joyce Raskin, brother and sister, were raised on a diverse mix of cultural influences and musical backgrounds. Growing up in Washington, D.C. in the mostly Jamaican and Hispanic neighborhood of Adams Morgan they took part in fiestas and neighborhood community parties that always involved great music. Washington D.C. was also home to two great underground music scenes punk rock and go-go music, and Steve and Joyce both absorbed the sounds and soul of the great live music. Steve a self-taught musician who played everything from piano, guitar, to drums thought it would be cool to teach his younger sister how to play bass guitar. After their college years they both pursued musical careers touring and making records; Steve with a band called Edsel, Joyce in a band called Scarce. Now for the first time they are recording together as Speedy Consuela for Steve’s label Fort Knox Recordings. Johnna of Thunderball (Steve’s wife), Matt White (Joyce’s husband) of Thee Hydrogen Terrors, and Robbie Meyers (Thievery Corporation and Thunderball) add their talents and songwriting to the recordings. The collaboration of Speedy Consuela infuses Steve and Joyce’s upbringing with a spontaneous mix of styles and sounds and voices of their family and friends. Stay tuned for a full length record to be released in 2010.