Babylon Don’t Interfere EP by Omegaman is Out Now! (FKX119)

by Omegaman
FKX119 – Fort Knox Recordings

Out Now Worldwide:

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It’s been a few years since Fort Knox Recordings’ own Australian artist Omegaman has dropped some new music on the label. We are excited to welcome back our friend from Sydney with his brand new Babylon Don’t Interfere EP, which is a collaboration between the Aussie and some talented Washington, DC based vocalists. The renegade funk’n’soul label from the US Capital is the perfect home for Omegaman as he explores the boundaries of funky breakbeats, latin and reggae vibes.

The title track features reggae legend and Grammy nominated Desi Hyson on vocals, an empowering roots-rocker rejection of Babylonian corruption. Desi’s voice will be familiar to many as he has had a long career as vocalist and keyboardist for the Original Wailers with Junior Marvin and Al Anderson, See-I, Culture, Moja Nya and others. Omegaman enlisted the skanking guitars of Marty Fabok of The OzSkas and Allniters on this track too, as well as Katherine Vavahea and Scott Russell of Red Wine Roses on background vocals and saxophone, respectively. The end result of this cross-continental collaboration is a wicked modern roots anthem with an uplifting message.

The Happy Ending Whisper Song is also included, and this one features Washington, DC based soulstress Edy Blu who has also recorded and performed with See-I. Edy Blu has been on an extended singer-songwriter walkabout around the world with her guitar, and in the process worked with Omegaman at his Studio 57 in Sydney. Together they crafted this funky, tropical soul groove as an ode to their dearly departed mutual friend Jon Horvath of Fort Knox Five, who inspired and supported both Edy and Omegaman. With his beats and her lyrics together they take you on an upbeat and hook filled cosmic ride to the other side, as Edy says “We all get a light and we all travel on….”

We are excited about Omegaman’s new tunes and these awesome collaborations, in fact we were told to expect more with Edy Blu coming soon, as well as some exciting remixes of both tracks. Instrumental versions of both tracks are also included for the DJs, thank you for playing our music.

Babylon Don’t Interfere EP by Omegaman

The DJs feedback on this release:

DJ Kevlar – “Dope Grooves” pussy88

DJ Clairvo – “Happy Ending Whisper Song is so damn catchy!”

Cut la Whut – “Beach Vibes. Smoke Weed. Dance your face off.”

GOT FUNK Melbourne (DJ IDES) – “Gorgeous dub vibes, great release!”

Sista Selecta – “I Love it when tracks sound this good and even more when its an Aussie at the helm!”

Shantisan – “Babylon Don’t Interfere is a great tune for the Summer”

Quincy Jointz – “Wow, thats a great release. These two are really dope” joker123

Los Chicos Altos – “Loving Babylon Don’t Interfere, straight into rotation”

Trotter – “Good feelings from Australia”

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