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Funk The World 51
Mixed by Goodgroove
May 2019

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After many years of trying to make it happen, Fort Knox Five is playing at Shindig Weekender Festival in Somerset, UK the weekend of May 23-26th. To celebrate FK5’s appearance, Slim Goodgroove has put together the latest installment of Funk The World. So get your dance moves ready and prepare to boogie with all of us at the Ghetto Funk stage soon!

Soft Core Surge – Sly & Robbie
My Mambo – Illegal Cookin’
Sabrosa Samba – Tom Drummond
Bossa Bags (Goodgroove Edit) – Jazz Juice
Sunshine Selekta (Goodgroove Edit) – Tom Drummond
Disco Ballin’ – Discotron
Shake It Up – Illegal Cookin’
Music Saves Me ft Baby Bam – Beatvandals
I Know You Got Soul – Featurecast
Funky Hot Grits – SoopaSoul
That’s What He Said – Kymberley Kennedy
Ghetto Drunk ft Ragga Twins – Lack Of Afro
It’s Just Begun (Soopasoul Remix) – Timewarp inc
On & On – Featurecast
Special People – The Allergies

RIP Mustafa Akbar (1958 – 2019)

First Published on DC Reggae:

Mustafa Akbar (1958 – 2019)

Most DMV Reggae Music lovers know Mustafa Akbar as the lead singer of Nappy Riddem. But that is just the tip of the iceberg, he leaves behind an amazing catalog and legacy. Mustafa Akbar Music wrote, recorded and released several solo albums over the years, as well as with groups like Fort Knox FiveThunderball, All Good Funk AllianceBasement Freaks and others. He toured extensively across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Hong Kong and Singapore to name a few. Veterans of DC’s underground music scene probably met Mustafa as the bouncer at the door of Club Red. And for nearly 20 years Mustafa worked at the Eighteenth Street Lounge and was their head of security. During those years he launched his own Mustock gathering in rural Virginia, which was part music festival, part campout and part family reunion. One of his personal Mustock highlights was having Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad as the 2010 headliner. Whether as bandleader in Nappy Riddem, a touring musician or guest vocalist, Mustafa always brought his heart and soul to the stage and made a joyful noise unto Jah.

Mustafa survived a near-fatal car accident in Fall 2016, and through his own determination and community support he recovered and performed again. He continued his prolific career, recording dozens of new songs since the car crash. Sadly in Fall 2018 he was diagnosed with HLH, a rare blood disorder which is treated through chemotherapy. After the first round of treatment, his body was too weak to survive the second round. While we are sad to lose his positive energy and rebellious spirit in our daily lives, we know that Mustafa was at peace with his creator, “The Most High” in his own words. Mustafa leaves behind a massive catalog of over 100 tracks and dozens more remixes and collaborations. He collaborated with artists and producers from around the globe and toured widely across four continents. While Mustafa left this plane to join the ancestors, we still listen to him through his lyrics and music. His uncompromising honesty and big smile continue to inspire many and will do so for years to come. We want to say Thank You to Mustafa Akbar and his family, thank you for sharing your gift with us for so many years and making our world a better place to live.

Words: Andy Cerutti

Photos: Josh Brick Graphics | Mindful Photo

Funk The World 50 by Fort Knox Five! (Free Download)

Funk The World 50
Mixed by Fort Knox Five
April 2019

World Premiere by Magnetic Magazine

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01 Fort Knox Five & K+Lab vs. Campeon & Calagad 13 – King of Janglin (DC’s Finest Remix)
02 The Gaff – Ain’t Got Time (Vocal Mix)
03 Kibosh – Hey Pocky Way (2019 Re Pock)
04 Stickybuds – Do Your Thing
05 The Funk Hunters – Revolution (Fort Knox Five Remix)
06 X-Ray-Ted – Buddy Burger
07 Chaka Khan – Never Mind the Water (AGFA Re-Dub)
08 Discotron Alan Junior – Je Suis Funk
09 Qdup vs A.Skills – Super Sonic Track Pant Thing (DC’s Finest Remix)
10 Kid Panel & Blade – Freek
11 Cheshire – More Good Times (Synergy Remix)
12 James Brown – Too Funky In Here (Charlie Beale Regrooved Edit)
13 Deelicious – Lonely Town Lonely Street
14 Golden Summer – Summer Breeze (Claptone Edit)
15 Lovebirds – Shit (4 in the Morning)

Free Download: Funk The World 49 by DJ Clairvo!

Mixed by DJ Clairvo
February 2019

World Premiere by SOULGURU

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I wish I had such a challenge like this more often… I tried to sum up everything I am into this mix: besides crafting a musical travel from 85 BPM to 130 BPM, through building up a curve of cumbia, glitch, ghetto, funk, nu-soul, nu-funk and breaks, I put a little bit of everything I’m usually entertaining my crowd with; like live-looping, fader-cutting, beat-stopping, echo-coloring, fake-scratching, groove-rolling, cue points-juggling and.. er, beat-mixing… 🙂 I have recorded this mix on Technics turntables and Pioneer DJM-700 mixer, using Rane Serato SL2 and Korg’s Nano Pad. If you want me to perform this very set or any of the musical section extended during your shows, feel free to book me – I’m spinning 5-6 hours just like that! Yet, mostly importantly, if you dig the music of this mix, then go support the independent musicians and producers of it, to help us grow music families like Fort Knox, so that we all can keep on delivering you the good music!

Much respect, Clairvo

01. Mr. Bird – Sweet Cumbia
02. Waggles – Whip The Mic
03. Daytoner – Bebo Beat
04. Mister T. – The Magician
05. Dmb – Senil On (DJ Clairvo’s illegal mess up madness version)
06. DJ Clairvo – Sonido Latino
07. DJ Clairvo – Come, Be Ya
08. Connie Francis – Bossa Nova Hand Dance (Turnstyle remix)
09. Roast Beatz – Salsa Like That
10. Stickybuds – Crooked Politicians (Lack Jemmon remix)
11. The Darrow Chem Syndicate – The Circus Driven Thing (Lack Jemmon remix)
12. DJ Clairvo feat. Aliens In Denmark – Somerset Melodies
13. Beastie Boys – Body Movin’ (Hipsta Re-Funk)
14. Basement Freaks – Bring It Back (instrumental)
15. John Turrell – Won’t Get Fooled Again (Basement Freaks remix)
16. X-Ray Ted – Right On (Come Down edit)
17. Etta James – Fire (Pecoe Re-Funk)
18. The Darrow Chem Syndicate – The Impossible Spin (AGFA remix)
19. Barabass & The Happy Few – Lucca Rossi
20. Lack Jemmon – Freakin’ U
21. The Darrow Chem Syndicate – Take A Little Ford (Kid Panel remix)
22. Wubble U – Petal (Freestylers’ Top Rock remix)
23. Nappy Riddem – Rastaman

Free Download: Funk The World 48 by Fort Knox Five

January 2019

World Premiere by Magnetic Magazine

Featured by Breakzlinkz | SoulGuru

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01 The Niceguys – That Ass
02 Jpod – Push It
03 Stickybuds – Crooked Politicians feat. Richard Kim
04 D-Funk – What can You Bring
05 K+Lab – Good Juju feat. Melodownz
06 Monkeytwerk – Jungle Sound (Sons of Satin Retwerk)
07 Smoove – Main Sourced Part 1
08 Krafty Kuts – Talk To Me
09 Mxxwll – 4U
10 Alien Disco Sugar – Records Keep Spinnin’
11 Escort – Cocaine Blues (Bobby C Sound TV Remix)
12 Ali B feat Baby Bam – Music Saves Me (Beatvandals Remix)
13 Fuselage – Three Seasons
14 DJ Celeste – Lear Funk Bomb (Instrumental)
15 Tuxedo – Special