Whatcha Gonna Do ft. Mustafa Akbar (Busta ReHype) – Free Download

“Whatcha Gonna Do ft. Mustafa Akbar (Busta Remix)” by Fort Knox Five

Free Download: http://theartistunion.com/tracks/15c1f7

World premiere by Life Support Machine: http://www.lifesupportmachine.co.uk/whatcha-gonna-do-feat-mustafa-akbar-busta-rehype/

We are happy to announce that the 100th Release on Fort Knox Recordings is coming soon!! The Pressurize The Cabin Remixed LP will drop in October, until then enjoy this exclusive free download of Busta’s glitchy, uptempo banger remix of FK5’s big tune “Whatcha Gonna Do.”

Coming Soon: FKX098 – Pressurize The

Cabin Remixed Exclusives #1 – Sept 23, 2016 FKX099 – Pressurize The Cabin Remixed Exclusives #2 – Sept 30, 2016 FKX100 -Pressurize The Cabin Remixed LP

– Oct 14, 2016

Qdup & Warp9 present “Bodyrock ft. Flex Mathews” – Out Now!

Qdup & does cialis work for everyone Warp9 present BODYROCK ft. FLEX MATHEWS Out Now on Fort Knox Recordings (FKX097)

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We slide on dubs bodyrock the whole club with the style that be so brand new

After touring extensively with Fort Knox Five for the past year from coast to coast, Qdup has been inspired to buy cialis online cheap hit the studio hard and has put together a string of new releases. The first single is Bodyrock which he produced with Warp9, himself no stranger to Fort Knox Recordings having already remixed both Fort Knox Five and Qdup previously.

The producer duo create a unique fusion of their two sounds. Qdup brings his electro funk boogie approach to the mix and Warp9 infuses the track with hi-fi synths and stripped down bass to create a funked out glitch hop gem. Bodyrock features the vocals of longtime collaborator Flex Mathews, who bubbles on top of West Coast G-Funk inspired rubber synth leads & bass. With upbeat party lyrics, prime time beats and glitch hop elements this track is a surefire floor burner.

The cut-up vocals and west coast funk meets DC go-go swing are pulled back to highlight the hi-fi synths and bass wobbles on Warp9’s VIP mix. The VIP mix is both tough and smooth at the same time, destined to please fans with a futuristic vibe and a beautiful breakdown that reveals a bed of lush synths, guitars and sweet melody.

Qdup & Warp9 have put together a thick slice of modern west coast inspired bass funk bangers. DJs will be pleased to know that instrumentals of both mixes are available. Flex Mathews says it all with his party rocking lyrics; “We slide on dubs bodyrock the whole club with the style that be so brand new. You ain’t fresher than me, tell me what you gonna do?!”

Bodyrock ft. Flex Mathews by Qdup & Warp9

Fort Knox Five – Reach ft. Flex Mathews w/ Remixes is Out Now!

“Reach ft. Flex Mathews”
by Fort Knox Five
w/ Remixes by Bobby C Sound TV & Knight Riderz
FKX096 – Fort Knox Recordings

Available to download on:
Beatport | JunoDownload | Bandcamp | iTunes

Available to stream on:
Soundcloud | Spotify

1. Reach ft. Flex Mathews (Bobby C Sound TV Remix)
2. Reach ft. Flex Mathews (Knight Riderz DnB Remix)
3. Reach ft. Flex Mathews (Knight Riderz Trap Remix)
4. Reach ft. Flex Mathews (Original Mix)
5. Reach (Bobby C Sound TV Remix Instrumental)
6. Reach (Knight Riderz buy viagra without prescription DnB Remix Instrumental)
7. Reach (Knight Riderz Trap Remix Dub)
8. Reach (Instrumental Mix)

The final single in the Pressure The Cabin series is “Reach” featuring Flex Mathews on vocals, and killer remixes by Bobby C Sound TV and Knight Riderz. Reach is an upbeat, positive party anthem, and a natural follow-up to Fort Knox Five’s hit tune “Insight”, with Flex Mathews’ uplifting lyrics creating a ‘party with a purpose’ on top of some seriously funky poppin’ beats.

Well known for his electro-funk bangers and remixes, Bobby C Sound TV put his signature spin on Reach and the result is irresistible. He toughened up the mix with solid floor rocking beats, juicy basslines and glitched out synths stabs. Bobby C prominently uses the full vocals and Rob Myers’ funky guitars to great effect, this one’s sure to get the crowd reaching for the sky.

Knight Riderz explores two sides of their bass driven sound with both a drum’n’bass and trap remix. With spooky atmospherics and pitched down vocals, the Knight Riderz drum’n’bass mix starts dark and moody, and then drops into a serious roller for the headz. Ruthless bass lines drive the track over relentless beats creating a heavy jungle anthem. Knight Riderz flips the script completely with their trap remix, this time slowing down the beats and pitching up the vocals to helium status. Just like Flex Mathews says, this mix “Won’t Stop, Won’t Stop” until the drop hits, with super subs and hi-fidelity synth work this mix needs to be played loud.

Reach ft. Flex Mathews by Fort Knox Five

Sun July 3rd – The Big Boom at UHall DC w/ The Golden Pony, FK5, Qdup & more

Fort Knox Recordings and Quid Promo present THE BIG BOOM Sunday July 3rd, 2016

The Golden Pony Fort Knox Five ft. Qdup Dirty Looks Juan Zapata

18 & up $10 Tix 9:30pm doors

Get tickets & info here: http://www.ustreetmusichall.com/event/1211651-big-boom-ft-golden-pony-washington/

Fort Knox Five presents Funk The World 35 (Free Download)

“Funk The World 35” by Fort Knox Five

June 2016

Premiered by Magnetic Magazine: http://www.magneticmag.com/2016/06/funk-the-world-vol-35-fort-knox-five/

Free Download here: https://soundcloud.com/fortknoxfive/funk-the-world-35

Tracklisting: 01 J-Felix – Black Little Box can sildenafilcitrate-100mg-rx.com cialis cause heartburn (Ft. Kinny) 02 cialis australia paypal Mister T. – Disco Touch 03 Sugarbeats – About Us feat. Muzzy Bear & Veronica RockStar 04 JPod ft. Mustafa Akbar – Dance Tonight 05 DJ Farrapo ft. Cico – Swingin’ Junky 06 Caro Emerald – You Dont Love Me (Phibes Remix) 07 Beastie Boys vs Jason Derulo – Hold It Now Hit It (DJ Tripp’s Dirty Remix) 08 Dub Pistols – Pistoleros (General Narco Remix) 09 Tom Booze – Get Fonky Wit It 10 WBBL – Stevie! 11 Fort Knox Five – Cinco to the Brinco ft. Empresarios (Farid Remix) 12 Shaka Loves You – Turn it Loose