Waggles presents FUNK THE WORLD 64!

Mixed by Waggles
February 2021

Waggles · Funk The World 64

Bruises N Cuts – Arroz Con Pollo
Los Vecinos – Cumbia Soldena (DEELA EDIT)
Shaka – Martelo a Galope
The Architect – Baile De Sol
Gitkin – Cut Out
Thornato – Out Here
Alphabets Heaven – Comte
KD Soundsystem – La Llave
Chinese Man, Scratch Bandits Crew, Baja Frequencia – To the Beat
The Allergies – Let Them Know (feat. The Cuban Brothers)
Village Cuts – Vengo Ganao (feat. Louis Towers & Mahon Sounds)
El Liso – Colombiafrica y Louis Towers – Piper Street Sound Mix
Voilaaa – LIMYÈ-A (feat. Lass, David Walters & Pat Kalla)
Synapson – Illuminar (feat. Flavia Coelho)
Sumohair – Tropical Nightfall
Acid Pauli – Edda’s Cumbia
Aswad – Shine (Loshmi Edit)
Pimps of Joytime – La Vida Es Un Carnaval (feat. Carol C.)
Captain Planet – Elephant Dance
Kombilesa Mi – Ma Nduse (Bosq Dub Mix)
Magic System- Premier Gaou (DJ Ludo Edit)
Kumpania Algazarra – Bookie Monster (Waggles Club Mix)
Saronde – Firewood ft. Idd Aziz
Zoufris Maracas – Mon Ami Mon Frere feat. Flavia Coelho (PEDRO Remix)
Waggles & Bear Twists – Pyjama Trap (Unreleased)
Nubiyan Twist feat. K.O.G – If I Know

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