Out Now: Fort Knox Five Remix of “Swing It” by Ali B on BombStrikes

Ali B released his new single SWING IT! on BombStrikes and it comes with a bangin’ Fort Knox Five Remix that has been blowing up 2021!!! Get your own copy or stream it today….

Omegaman – “Rebel Rocker ft. Ikenna & Roddy Radiation” – Out Now!

Omegaman has a fresh new single out now, REBEL ROCKER, complete with a QDUP Remix! Click thru to stream or download today….

Out Now: Qdup’s “Party Beacon Remixes” by FK5 & Beat Le Juice!! (FKX133)

Qdup & Jerome Joyce produced & released Party Beacon last year, and this year it gets remixed by the likes of Fort Knox Five and Beat Le Juice!! Out now worldwide, click thru to stream or download today…..

Out Now: FK5 Remix of “Good Gal Queen Badmon Ting” by Average Citizens

Out now is the Fort Knox Five Remix of “Good Gal Queen, Badmon Ting” by Average Citizens! A wicked funky house tune with an irresistible groove, check it out now….

FKX132 – Omegaman | Lovers Rocksteady Remixes & Instrumentals (Out Now)

Omegaman has another new release, this time its the remixes of 2019’s LOVERS ROCKSTEADY EP, and the forgotten instrumentals are included as a bonus, making this a 14-track release. Check it out today….