FK5 & K+Lab’s Jingling Bells Mix of Jinglin’ Janglin’ – Out Now!

Jinglin’ Janglin’ ft. Baby Bam (Jingling Bless Mix)
by Fort Knox Five & K+Lab
FKX122 – Fort Knox Recordings

Out Now Worldwide:

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Every holiday season brings back the annual challenge of finding good quality and funky holiday songs to play. Its always been hard to share the season’s greetings and get those booties on the dancefloor at the same time. And that is exactly why Fort Knox Five and K+Lab have decided to remint their smash hit “Jinglin’ Janglin’”, and are releasing a special holiday version Jingling Bells Mix.

FK5 and K+Lab had such a great time working together on the first DC to BC collaboration, and the resulting Jinglin’ Janglin’ tune has been a big hit. All of that heavy bass and funky breaks from the original are still there, with a healthy serving of sleigh bells, xylophone and festive percussion added throughout. The result is a funky Noel anthem with Baby Bam’s call to Rewind it back, just listen to the track even more important during the hectic year end holidays.

So warm up the wassail and get the White Elephant party started, its time to take a funky sleigh ride with Fort Knox Five and K+Lab on their Jingling Bells Mix. The instrumental version gives the track even more versatility as the vocals drop out and the holiday cheer gets cranked up a notch. Everybody at Fort Knox Recordings would like to wish you and your loved ones a warm, safe holiday season this year!

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