FKX117 Out Now: She Don’t Love Me Remixed by Backbeat Underground

She Don’t Love Me (Like I Do) ft. Aaron Abernathy Remixed
by Backbeat Underground
FKX117 – Fort Knox Recordings

Out Now Worldwide:

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Last year Fort Knox Recordings released the funky soul-jazz sound of Backbeat Underground with their scorching tune “She Don’t Love Me” featuring Aaron Abernathy. Since then the band has been very busy releasing three more singles on their own, appearing on local radio and TV shows and were even featured recently at the world famous John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. So it is with great pleasure that we present to you a new Backbeat Underground single, the She Don’t Love Me Remixes.

From the first time they heard the original tune, Thunderball have been chomping at the bit to rework She Don’t Love Me into some smooth liquid style drum’n’bass. Thunderball bring over two decades of DnB expertise to the table and create a driving breakbeat soundscape replete with high tech sound effects, strong builds, drops and plenty of womp-womp basslines. The structure of the original tune is largely kept intact, and the strength of the track rests upon the soulful r&b soaked vocals of Aaron Abernathy, which fit with the drum’n’bass to create a rinsin’ roller!

The second remix is by Australia’s Pecoe, the head honcho at Breakzlinkz, Oz’s home for all things funky breaks and bass. On his remix, Pecoe deconstructs the track and puts it back together as a DJ friendly funky breaks workout for the dancefloor. Building upon the guitar and horn melodies, the first drop is built around Abernathy’s vocals, now chopped up and dubbed out a bit. Full vocals are only teased until the second half of the tune where the vibe picks up and takes the listener down the rabbit hole with loads of horns and soul crooning.

These two reworkings of this modern soul classic bring a fresh perspective and sound to Backbeat Underground. Whether its jazzy drum’n’bass or funky breakbeats, both of these remixes will be nice additions to a variety of mixes, podcasts, playlists and dj sets. Instrumentals of both remixes are also available.

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