FKX132 – Omegaman | Lovers Rocksteady Remixes & Instrumentals (Out Now)

by Omegaman
FKX132 – Fort Knox Recordings

Out Now Worldwide:

Fort Knox ยท Omegaman | Lovers Rocksteady Remixes & Instrumentals

Last December saw Omegaman release the Lovers Rocksteady EP just in time for Australian Summer fun in the sun. The EP featured all Australian vocalists and was a big hit on the radio waves and beaches around the world. Omegaman got some of those tracks remixed and has included the instrumental versions of the original tracks as well, available for the first time.

Omegaman tapped a range of producers from around the globe for these remixes, including Lakeshore Drive from British Columbia, Canada. Lakeshore Drive added some funky beats and breaks, and a nice skankin’ guitar line to Forever You & Me featuring Courtney Rachel. This laid back summer anthem now has some dancefloor legs, so don’t be surprised if you see the lovers start moving and grooving. The Swiss mad beat scientist PulpFusion has remixed Fly featuring vocals by Isis Ashton & Alpha Mama. PulpFusion has added real depth with a lush soundscape of strings, piano and very smooth percussion. He has transformed a very light reggae-pop song into a deeper, more thoughtful downtempo groove track, wow!

Clocking in from Mannheim, Germany is Freethinker Funk Essence who also got to remix Forever You & Me, who also funked up the track into a more robust dance tune. Freethinker Funk Essence has really pumped up the horns, beefed up the breaks and even added a percussion breakdown in the middle. The result is a fun and lively reggae funk tune that will also work well at pool parties and beach gatherings. Rounding out the release is Sydney based house music DJ and producer Kris Ramea, who remixed There She Goes featuring C Major. He has added a very suave 6am house beat, accentuating piano lines, a big build in the middle and a nice house workout in the second half.

In addition to these four great remixes, this release includes the remix instrumentals and the unreleased instrumental mixes of the original five tracks released on the Rocksteady EP. Omegaman has been working hard and cranking out new material, and once again delivers the sounds of Aussie Summer just in time for all the heads. Peter Metro of MetroCo has done the artwork for Omegaman once again, and his designs really capture the vibe of this release.

What the DJ’s say about this release:

“Emotive vibes to suit the times. The Freethinker mix is a standout. Kris Ramea Dub Remix of There She Goes is really working a sunrise vibe for me!” – DJ Matt Haze

“Classy package!” – DJ Pathaan

“Good remixes, Kris Ramea remix is the one for me here” – Quincy Jointz

“Quality and diversity… the way we like it from Fort Knox! full support!” – DJ Clairvo

“I think Freethinker is my fav remix but PulpFusion made a nice one too ! Anyway it’s a cool package” – DJ Prosper

“Omegaman has the midas touch when it comes to funky dub reggae … he’s a downunder dub master!” – Sista Selecta

“WAY COOL!!!” – Soupy Gato Radio

Out Now Worldwide:

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