Out Now: Qdup ft. EVeryman – Sound Off Remixes (FKX126)

by Qdup ft. EVeryman
FKX126 – Fort Knox Recordings

Out Now Worldwide!
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When Qdup and Everyman collaborate on a tune, you can expect the party to be flexed. Living up to that expectation, their latest single ‘Sound Off’ has been rinsing clubs, pool parties and festivals alike throughout the summer of 2019. Now the track gets two fresh remixes, by funk duo All Good Funk Alliance and budding Canadian purveyor of house music, STUND. So get ready to Sound Off!

Washington, DC’s legendary masters of funky breaks, All Good Funk Alliance, are well known for their signature funk-laced breakbeat sound. With multiple full length albums, a steady flow of original singles, remixes, and DJ mixes to their credit; they have found global success and solidified their spot as some of the hardest working guys in the scene. AGFA’s remix of Sound Off is a certified breakbeat burner. It’s dancing synth leads and crisp beats work perfectly with EVeryman’s future funking rap style. These are the breaks. Turn this up and let it boom!

With his debut appearance on Fort Knox Recordings, STUND brings his energetic house sound to his remix, which is sure to get tech house heads jumping! With releases and remixes on Westwood X, House of Hustle and 3000 Deep, Stund has been making a name for himself and getting dance floors to shake in the process. He amped up the energy level and flipped Sound Off into a tech house stomper. Taking a different approach, this version rides on dubbed out vocal edits of EVeryman’s hooks. A rolling bass line, arpeggiated FX and pumping 4/4 beats drive this one straight to the dance-floor, so put on your dancing shoes and meet us at the party.

Here’s what the DJs say about it:

“Love both remixes!” – SkiiTour

“AGFA Remix is cool, groovy stuff. Will probably play the STUND Remix” – Stickybuds

“AGFA Remix is the one for me, a funky bomb” – Quincy Jointz

“AGFA Remix is nice. Always good stuff by them.” – Jayl Funk

“I love both remixes. But the STUND Remix is so catchy” – DJ Prosper

“Nice One! Full support for sure.” – DJ Clairvo

“Both Remixes are awesome!” – Busta

“Digging the AGFA Remix, minimal funk at its best.” – Pecoe

“The STUND Remix is my favourite here.” – Dr.Best

Out Now Worldwide!

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