Qdup’s “Party Beacon ft Jerome Joyce” is out Now!!!

FKX130 – Fort Knox Recordings

Out Now worldwide:

Qdup · Party Beacon ft Jerome Joyce

Qdup and Jerome Joyce met at a festival years ago when some impromptu freestyle raps from Joyce set into motion a great friendship and some fantastic musical collaborations. Those magic moments of being at a festival with your crew and the ensuing adventures are at the center of “Party Beacon,” their new single. “We’re big fans of all of the creative Totem/Rage Sticks that we see out in festival land and love it when we see our favorite crews holding down their spot by putting out their own personal Party Beacon pointing to where the posse is getting down!” says Qdup.

“I asked an owl with an 8-foot wingspan the meaning of life he said, just do your thing man” Words of wisdom to live by so far as we’re concerned. Qdup’s bass-heavy, swung-out funky beats set the tone while Jerome weaves a story-rap that outlines important rules to remember for this 21st-century festival-goers survival guide. Joyce’s hilarious tale of losing his party crew and all the signs he sees along the way while looking for his friends unfolds seamlessly into a party anthem that reminds him to remember to have fun and just do your thing. We can’t wait until we’re able to get back to festival land and see all of your most creative signs waving from side to side to the hook of this track! Until then the Party Beacon is beaming out good vibes and keeping the party going.

“Party Anthem! Wish there were some actual festivals to make the kids go crazy with their funky totems…” – Fort Knox Five

“Sounding pretty fresh! Nice work Qdup” – Stickybuds

“Rock It Qdup!” – All Good Funk Alliance

“Sa-weet!!” – Ursula 1000

“Top drawer as usual. :)” – Doe Ran

“Damn, what a funky banger!” – Quincy Jointz

“Get Funked!” – Mikey Thunder

“Yoooo!!! Awesome” – JFB”KILLER!” – Omegaman

“Wicked Jam!” – Busta

“Qdup always on point” – DJ Wash

“Great Rhyme” – Miss Prebo of Radio Krimi

“Dig It” – DJ Love

“Love it! Dope tune and funny and on point lyrics! Love the raps by Jerome and Qdup’s signature style! Amazing work guys!” – EVeryman

“Big, phat and phunky! This is a party rocker right here!” – Waggles

“Neck-wreck material!! I was waving my ‘ish from side 2 side… Fat slice of funk from the Qdup” – DJ T-Bird of Los Chicos Altos

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