Sound Off (FKX124) by Qdup & EVeryman Is Out Now!!

Sound Off ft. EVeryman
by Qdup
FKX124 – Fort Knox Recordings
Out Now Worldwide

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Whether on stage or in the studio, Qdup and EVeryman have a history of collaborating together and the results speak for themselves. Since dropping ‘Joyride’ with Fort Knox Recordings, they’ve found themselves performing together at a string of 2018 Festivals including memorable sets at Shamhala Music Festival’s Living Room Stage and Joshua Tree Music Festival. The duo also collaborated on a Vocal Sample Pack called ‘Positive Flow Vol. 1’, which was released in early 2019 on Black Octopus Sounds of Canada. Their latest creation, ‘Sound Off’ , was born from their vocal pack’s construction kits and the result is 2 heavy-hitting mixes that will keep Future House and Breaks heads dancing the treads right off their shoes.

Get ready to Sound Off! Qdup’s uptempo beats drop while EVeryman’s lyrics direct the party with the energy of revolution in the air; ‘The Beat Bumps. Your feet stomp. Stand tall and proud. Music be the weapon of the future let it sound’. Qdup’s Breaks mix is up first with heavy beats and a foot-stomping intro while EVeryman’s hook-laden vocals set the pace of the party. Let’s get this party loud! Up next is Qdup’s Future House Mix that’s sure to heat up the dancefloor. The bouncing bass line and synths pump perfectly with it’s 4 to the floor beats that are sure to flex any sound system. Pitched and effected vocal chops keep the flow of the track moving while it pays off when EVeryman’s lyrics fully drop to ignite the dance floor.

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