FKX104 Thunderball 12 Mile 1500

FKX104 Is Out Now Worldwide: Thunderball’s 12 Mile High Album

Thunderball’s fourth studio album “12 Mile High” has been rereleased on Fort Knox Recordings and is currently out worldwide under catalog number FKX104.

Funk the World Logo - 37_DJManny_C

Funk The World 37 by DJ Manny (Free Download)

We are proud to present Funk The World 37 mixed by DJ Manny from Austin, TX!! Click thru to stream or download this funky mix today…

FKX103 Thunderball Cinescope 1000

Thunderball’s Third Album “Cinescope” Is Out Now!

We are happy to announce that Thunderball’s third album “Cinescope” has been rereleased on Fort Knox Recordings and is out now worldwide – click thru for full download and streaming links…

FKX102 Thunderball Scorpio Rising 3000

Out Now: “Scorpio Rising” by Thunderball

We are proud to announce the re-release of Thunderball’s second album, “Scorpio Rising”. The album that really put Thunderball on the map is out now on Fort Knox Recordings…

FKX101 Thunderball Ambassadors 3000

Ambassadors of Style by Thunderball Re-released on Fort Knox Recordings!

Thunderball’s debut album “Ambassadors of Style” has been re-released on Fort Knox Recordings – click thru to stream or download this classic album today!